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Evangelistic Endeavor -- 6 (Tuesday, 9/12)


We had a great day off on Monday that restored us. Today, we start with another morning of class. We always learn a lot and get good ideas. It’s clear that some of the leaders have different philosophies and methodologies which are all valid and can work because different methods meet different people. We are meeting at a small Adventist school outside SF that in its glory days had 200 students but is down to about 50. It provides a good meeting place except for the extremely uncomfortable pews in the chapel we meet in.


Attendance is very sparse when we get started. However, by the end of the meeting, we were back up to typical numbers of probably about 60-75 people. Typically, there is a dip in attendance after an off day but by the end of the evening we were doing well.

The sermon was on how to be saved and we had our first decisions cards tonight. As usual, virtually everyone went forward for the appeal and in this case turned in cards. You were supposed to check off statements that described your decision and on this card it was about accepting Jesus as your Savior or rededicating your life to him. Also, there was a place to request prayer. At the end of the sermon, the evangelist prayed for many people specifically and took at least 5 minutes for prayer.

This was an excellent sermon and in my mind should have been the first sermon preached. Before we get to anything else, we need to explain salvation and what Jesus has done for us.

There is a very real sense that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. I think I’ve heard more about the devil and what he’s trying to do in the last week than my whole lifetime combined. On the flip side, there also is a strong emphasis on being led by the Holy Spirit which is excellent. Many pastors who are helping are having crises in their families with immanent death of loved ones and other complications. Every problem is explained as being an attack from the devil. I don’t have doubts that spiritual warfare is going on but I also don’t want us to get too wrapped up in the devil and lose confidence that God is more powerful and our focus needs to stay on Him.


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