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Augustine is considered one of the greatest theologians of all time. One of his most famous books is a biography of his life in which he tells his story of conversion and confesses many of his sins growing up. It has recently been republished in a modern translation called, "You Converted Me" which I read bits and pieces of recently. So, I've decided to confess a sin. I have seen on a fairly regular basis an older man who lives by himself in our apartment complex. He gets out a lot and is very independent. A month ago, he was in a fairly serious car accident just a few blocks from our place. We drove by and the police were there and were taking care of everything. The next day, I saw some people bringing him into his apartment in a wheelchair and a brace on his leg. I told Shari that if we see him out we should talk to him and see if he needed any help around his apartment or going to the store. A few weeks after the accident I was walking to my car to go to my class on