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A Question for Christians

“What does it mean to represent the Kingdom of God in a culture devoted to the Kingdom of Self?” -- Eugene Peterson Doesn't that question lay at the heart of what it means to be a Christian today? The question challenges us to examine how much of our spirituality and religiosity is rooted in self-interest as opposed to following the self-sacrificial way of Jesus and his Kingdom. This quote doesn't call for the church to go on a rampage against a godless nation and fight culture wars in an attempt to demonize and garner self-righteous approval. Instead, it calls individual Christians and churches to examine ourselves and see how we have fallen into the ideology of the kingdom of self and seek to replace it with true, kingdom of God values and practices. This self-sacrificial love is what can help redeem the larger culture and help the kingdom of God advance and make a dent in the pervasive kingdom of self.