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Evangelistic Endeavor -- 16 (Sun, 9/24)

SUNDAY, 9/24

We got a chance to go to the 49ers game today. Wells Fargo and the 49ers give away a lot of tickets each game to community groups for free and we were able to get 30 tickets. We took some of the visitors who were doing their lessons as well as the workers. We had a good time and it was an exciting game won by the Eagles 38-24.


Tonight was time for more Papacy and Sunday worship bashing as the topic was the mark of the beast. The usual arguments were used and again the key topic was the Sabbath. The whole 666, Vicarius Filii Dei and the Pope’s tiara thing were used despite the fact that it has been discounted by many Adventist scholars. The evangelist continues to stress the need to leave Sunday churches and not follow pastors but follow God. He has been really tough on pastors and as I recorded before, he said that Pastors who tell people to worship on Sunday are “not of God.” He tells people that he knows what he’s saying is hard but he has to tell them this because it’s the truth. Boy, that truth sure is mean.

The evangelist has used an interesting analogy the last few meetings. He’s mentioned the story of Noah and how only 8 people were saved showing as a warning to people that just because most people worship on Sunday, it doesn’t make it right. It also has been used in light of judgment and salvation. I wonder if this analogy is being used because of how low our attendance is and how little of an impact we are having on the community. Maybe if hundreds were attending we would be talking about God’s power at work like at Pentecost.

Two of the teenage girls came back. One girl is the daughter of someone who is coming regularly and performed for us so I expect her on a fairly regular basis. I was surprised one of the other girls came. I don’t think it was a very positive experience though because I heard they were scared and had a lot of questions based on the presentation.


I’ve written previously about how I’m scared with our love for the commandments and the need to keep them. We have a very narrow definition of the commandments and feel justified simply because of the Sabbath. I also can’t help but wonder why Sunday worship is so terrible. Based on the series, it seems like there could be nothing worse than going to church on Sunday. Instead of focusing on that, I wonder if maybe we should look at ourselves and see how far we are from keeping the commandments of God. The commandments to love, not judge, pray for our enemies, help the poor and needy, and forgive among others don’t seem to be followed by many Adventists, myself being the most guilty.

Monday’s break is going to be a life-saver. I need to regroup and somehow find motivation to try and make things better. My attitude now is to count down the days until it’s over. Maybe a nice day up in Angwin will recharge my battery.


Anonymous said…
Trevan, don't beat yourself up too bad for not changing the obvious failings in this campaign. You have very limited influence over what is done. This is supposed to be a learning, laboratory experience for you as a grad student. In due course you will have plenty of opportunity to do things differently and pioneer new approaches. Right now, think of yourself as an anthropologist visiting another culture and engaged in participant-observer research.

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